As a private-owned engineering and commercial enterprise, HOLUX Lighting Systems Co. Ltd was founded in 1993. Since then, with its present more than 50 employees, it has reached a good reputation among the Hungarian lighting companies. We can offer high-tech products from leading European and domestic manufacturers, and the majority of our employees are electrical engineers and commercial experts with special lighting knowledge. On based these two strengthens, we can supply not only high quality products but - as main-contractor and consultant - outstanding technical services, as well.

H-1135 Budapest, Béke u. 51-55.
Phone: + 36 1 450 2700 Fax: + 36 1 450 2710
e-mail: hoso@holux.hu

HOLUX aims to be maintain and strengthen its market position among the leading companies in Hungary, which are dealing not only with wholesale of lighting products and general electrical installation materials and devices, but with main contracting and retail trade of the same.

To earn our customers' trust, satisfaction and loyalty through providing high quality products and services in the businesses of the general electrical installation materials and lighting engineering, always keeping on mind to enhance the lighting culture of our country and to provide cost-effective and environmental-friendly lighting solutions.
Based on the business philosophy of "high quality - at affordable price", HOLUX works with employees outstandingly trained, informed and committed to the Company and the lighting culture, as well.
Quality is a cornerstone of our success and is responsible for the main part of our turnover, which comes from existing customers. We are committed to every customer's satisfaction by understanding each customer's needs throughly and continually upgrading our services and capability to meet those needs. We are certified to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001.
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