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With its more than 5,000 m2 sales area, HOLUX's Central Lighting Specialist's Shop (in Budapest) and our other lighting sepcialist's shop in the country (in Körmend) can offer you not only electrical installation materials, luminaires and lighting engineering components –– HOLUX's whole product portfolio –, but also professional advices. Our special mobile trading system built around our regional lighting specialist's shops can supply the local customers and specialists dealers. HOLUX offers discounted buying service for our customers.
Our Customer Service (H-1135 Budapest, Béke u. 51-55.) helps in the goods supplying for our registered and contracted partners from Monday till Friday: 800 - 1630 Tel.: (06 1) 450-2700; Fax: (06 1) 450-2710
Webshop (

Tímea Hegedűs-Hosó (T: 450-2700)

Opening our Webshop as a quite new commercial form shows our commitment to the high quality, the correct technical information and the customer-friendly commercial policy.
Beyond the satisfying of the everyday home lighting demands, our Webshop offers several quite new services, which can promote the competitiveness even of the professional enterprises, based on the wide product palette of several market-leader lighting, electrical and electrical installation material producing companies represented by HOLUX in Hungary.

H-1135 Budapest, Béke u. 51-55. Opening hours: from Monday till Friday: 730 - 1700.

Lighting Engineering
1135 Budapest, Béke u. 51-55.
Ms. Vasas, Ágnes Rákóczy
T: (+36 1) 450-2718

Electrical Installation Materials
1135 Budapest, Béke u. 51-55.
Mr. Zoltán Nagy,
Mr. Viktor Tóth

T: (+36 1) 450-2706

9900 Körmend, Rákóczi u. 30.
Ferenc Tomasics
Open hours: Mo-Fr: 800-1630
T: (+36 94) 594-315, Fax: (+36 94) 594 316
H-1135 Budapest, 1135, Béke u. 51-55.
Business opening hours: Monday-Friday: 800-1630; Tel.: (06 1) 450 2711; Fax: (06-1) 450-2710
Our engineers working at the Lighting Engineering Centre can answer your queries regarding to technical consultancy, network planning, lighting engineering calculations and installations. They are at our partners disposal from the planning through the procurement of electrical and lighting materials to the turn-key execution.
Lighting of offices, halls, industrial facilities, shops, showrooms and signages
Public, sports, decorative, design and area lighting
Digital lighting controls, emergency lighting
Lighting measurements and consultancy
Planning of techology electrical networks
Quality management consultancy
Prime contracting of electrical and lighting systems
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