Based on the skills and knowledge of its highly qualified lighting experts, HOLUX Co. Ltd. can provide the proper answers to the challenges, which can arise in the electrical installation and lighting engineering works. We can, of course, make not only common electrical installation and lighting solutions, but highly advanced projects, as well, by planning, purchasing and installing the most modern devices for them. We contribute also in realization of electrical, energetic, information and
building management systems of new and renewed facilities. We can prepare computer aided outdoor, indoor and decoration lighting plans for streets, squares and sports facilities and buildings by using the latest results and the best planning softwares of our international partners.For the prepared solutions - in addition to the state-of-the-art products of the Hungarian manufacturers - we can offer the most advanced products of the European market.

HOLUX's high-quality, energy-saving. long-life luminaires light up your home...
By its wholesale and retail activities and special mobile distributor services, HOLUX Co. Ltd. can supply the domestic electrical installation and lighting industries with high quality installation materials, cables, switches, connectors and up-to-date luminaries and light sources, altogether with more than 30.000 products. Our customers can buy all the offered products and get professional advices directly in the Company’s Central Lighting Specialist’s Shop (Budapest) and in the other ones in the country (Körmend, Nyíregyháza, Pécs and Szeged). We can forward the purchased goods to any point of the country, even directly to the customer’s address at his/her own expense, by a parcel-post delivery service.
HOLUX Lighting Engineering Centre can provide with advices, technical consultancy and professional preparation and planning works. Nearly 20 highly qualified engineers specialized for the Company’s main activities can answer our partners’ technical issues. In addition to the every day work, they are very anxious that they could share their experiences, knowledge and information in their own publications issued in different domestic periodicals.

HOLUX Co. Ltd. can offer planning, consultancy, procurement and execution in all parts of electrical installation and lighting engineering businesses either in part or as a whole, even in turnkey form. For implementing a project, qualified sub- and co-contractors are chosen by using a strict internal qualification system co-ordinated by the Company’s Lighting Engineering Centre, in order to guarantee the high level technical and quality supervisions and to keep the budgets and deadlines.

To strengthen further its customers trust and to meet their continuously insreasing quality demands, HOLUX Co. Ltd. enhanced the quality level of its activities by working out, implementing and certifying of a comprehensive Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 in 1999, and it has been working on this bases since then. Our aim is, that the engineering and commercial works of our Company will be unquestionable, and the HOLUX brand name recalls the slogan “high quality - at affordable price” to mind of our every partner.

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