HOLUX – 25+ years for the eco-friendly lighting
János Hosó†
founding-owner CEO..
...and who help his work directly
in this family-owned company:

Mónika Hos
ó (right), and
Tímea Hegedűs-Hosó (left),
appointed directors of the company
According to the instrument of incorporation, HOLUX Lighting Ltd. started its operation more than 25 years ago, on the 25th April, 1993. 25 years are a significant period also in historical terms, especially in our time when we did not only live evolutionary changes on stage of "great history", but also in our narrower field of expertise, in lighting technology. We all of us are fortunate, to whom the opportunity have been given to contribute to the fulfilment of the human being's ancient desire – to the prolongation of the days, defeating the darkness of the night with the help of artificial lighting. We have experienced many technical revolutions together in the artificial lighting: the revolution of the halogen lamps in the seventies, then that of the compact fluorescent lamps promising victory for a long time, and do not forget that of the high-intensity discharge lamps, too. And nowadays, all these completed by the carrying-out of the latest revolution in the lighting industry, the "ledification", which means energy savings and preservation of our environment.

"As most of the engineering offices in the Silicon Valley, HOLUX Ltd. started out of the zero in an improvised garage office" – founding owner János Hosó used to always mention, who acquired his professional knowledge under "the first 25 years of his career" at Tungsram, where from 1970 he became the lead designer for the green field construction of the Nagykanizsa Light Source Factory and participated in the planning of the Tungsram factories in Budapest, Vác, Kaposvár, Zalaegerszeg, Pécs, Hajdúböszörmény and Hajdúnánás. In 1976, as a mandated by CEO, he worked for the implementation of the Tungsram's microelectronics project in Gyöngyös. Based on his plans, vacuum engineering factories were built in Syria, Iraq, India, Pakistan, in the United States, Morocco, Ghana, Tanzania and in many other parts of the world. From 1988 to 1989 he was a Indonesian delegate of the company, and from 1989 he was the director of GE's European Lighting Division. In 2006, in recognition of his work in the field of lighting technology, he was awarded the Aschner Lipót Prize, that was named Tungsram's former famous chief executive officer.

The new company's first "headquarters" was in a downtown shop on Kertész street in Budapest. In 1998, as a significant investment, the company managed to purchase its current central lighting specialist's shop and headquarters in Béke street, in the XIIIth district of Budapest. Then the regional stores opened, one after another, in Nyíregyháza (2000), in Körmend (2003) and in Szeged (2004).

Over the past 25 years, the mainly engineering activity (design, development and main contracting of lightings for offices, halls, industrial facilities, retail shops, exhibition rooms, streets, sports facilities, decorative and area lightings) has expanded significantly with retail and wholesale of lighting and electronic components. We provide the representation of several leading European lighting product and part manufacturers and suppliers in Hungary. We are in close contact i.e. with the German RIDI Group, the Italian Fael Luce, A.A.G. Stucchi, SBP and AEC, the Austrian Tridonic and E-Term, the Finnish Nordic Aluminum, the Bulgarian V-Tac, the Spanish Layrton, as well as the Chinese HPWINNER and Inventronics companies – to name just a few of the larger ones. The commercial activity is based on a computerized enterprise management system that meets all requirements, the first version of which has even existed in 1994. This made possible to open our Internet Lighting Shop (www.fenyaruhaz.hu) among the first similar lighting online shops in 2013, which was completed in the framework of the EU-supported New Hungary Development Plan.

Since its founding, HOLUX Ltd. has been a legal member of the Hungarian Lighting Society, therefore we can inform about the work of the world's lighting and electrotechnical organizations (CIE, IEC, CEN, CENELEC, LightingEurope) and about the news of the lighting industry. Our partners can therefore be assured that our proposed solutions are based on up-to-date professional information.

From the beginning, we are very concerned about the technical information of our partners and potential buyers. We very early launched our web site (www.holux.hu), also the identity of which has been recently updated and is rich in freely downloadable professional articles, studies and Hungarian product brochures and references. In October 2003 we launched our Hungarian technical and commercial information brochure (HOLUX News). We are well aware that it is a huge responsibility for all players in the product chain to make this technology change successfully also from the user's point of view. In order, that the users can receive not just good quality, affordable products, but also a good explanation of why they can no longer take the well-respected "light bulb" and how to replace it? What is the benefit of the human-centric and connected lighting and what is the "Smart City" and how it can help spread the IoT, and so on. And to make it all clear to everyone that this is all for us to leave a truly viable environment for the next generations – and not just for the next 25 years!

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