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8 Reasons why we should switch lights to LEDs
1 High luminous efficiency LEDs use considerably less electricity than traditional incandescent lamps even today, and their luminous efficiency exceeds both that of linear and compact fluorescents. The non-distant future LED lamps can reach 200-250 lm/W compared to the some 15 lm/W of traditional incandescents.

2 Very long service life Comparing to the service life of 1,000hours of the traditional incandescents or 10,000-15,000 hours of linear and compact fluorescents, the expected life of LEDs is 30-50,000 hours or more, depending on the quality of the lamp or luminaires. All this significantly reduces lamp replacement and maintenance costs..

3 Operation at low temperatures LEDs are solid-state light sources, therefore their performance increases at lower temperatures. According some studies they have achieved a 5% higher luminous efficiency at -5 °C than at 25 °C, therefore LEDs are particularly suitable for illumination of refrigeration counters, warehouses, outdoor car parks, etc. For comparison: e.g. for the ignition of fluorescent lamps needs higher voltage and also their ouput will be lower.

4 Directional light Because LED chips are usually mounted on a flat surface, they emit light in a hemispherical and non-spherical shape than most conventional light sources. This feature can be used to reduce the amount of light – and thus the energy consumption – needed for specific lighting tasks (e.g. highlightings).

5 Immediate light supply on power on The LEDs emit 100% light at the moment of switch-on, without any delay, and are insensitive to frequently switchings on and off.

6 Resistance to mechanical impacts LED chips are usually mounted on a printed circuit board and connected to soldered terminals, therefore they can withstand against mechanical impacts.

7 Light control Being solid-state light sources, LEDs can inherently easily be controlled.

8 No UV or IR emissions In contrast to traditional light sources, LEDs do not emit ultraviolet and infrared light. The captured heat should be, of course, dissipated, but the light free of UV and IR componensts has many advantages when using LEDs to illuminate light and heat-sensitive objects.

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